A list of suggestions to include in your employee communications and engagement app. 

During our process of supporting our clients, small and large, we love to guide them through the steps to take to ensure their employee communications and engagement apps are inclusive, interesting and popular right from the beginning. 

One of the most popular questions we come across is –

“What content will resonate well with our teams, especially those who are hard-to-reach with no access to work emails or corporate intranets.”

We have listed five suggestions to help improve employee engagement: 

1. But first … let me take a photo! 

Photo walls are a great way to encourage your employees to generate their own content and be more engaged in the content that’s being shared. We recommend using photo walls to encourage employees to post pictures and share their stories; this might be at various events, during the travels for work, during their day to day tasks and more. The benefits of photo walls and user generated content is that it’s live, fun, engaging, personal and yet a safe way for your organisation to encourage employees to be more social, without having to use public social media platforms.

2. Let’s get to know senior management and what they expect from us.

Adding a senior manager’s blogs to your employee communications app can avoid cascading briefs. There is a huge benefit to updates being shared directly from senior management, no whispers or communications being passed down incorrectly, using the wrong tone or even the wrong information. Creating a blog is an easy way for senior managers to send updates from anywhere in the world, they can keep in touch, be more accessible, be personal and can receive questions/feedback as well as providing direct answers, using comments in the app.

3. Something to sell? Share it!

Buy & sell sections can be a popular way to increase employee engagement in your app by staff seeing ways in which they can potentially benefit financially from using the app. Employees can post ads. Buying and selling with their colleagues makes it less hassle than meeting strangers on other buy and sell sites. Worth a thought….

4. Need a ride? 

You could use a section of your employee communications app to encourage employees to ask for and offer lifts to and from work. This is not only a very effective way of reducing the carbon footprint of each employee but it also boosts colleague relationships as well potentially increasing idea sharing and collaboration. 

5. Have something to say?

A ‘Q&A’ section for your employee communications app is a great way for employees to ask or even answer questions for each other in real-time without a formal process. You can enable questions to be posted straight into the app (or moderated) and for everyone to see the timely answers. Answering common questions from employees will reduce frustration as well as the workload of your HR department.  You can also optionally allow others to join in the conversation with comments to the Q&A which essentially creates a forum/community for employees to help each other.  


This blog post was written to guide those who may already have an employee communications and engagement platform or those who are thinking about implementing one soon. 

For more information on taking the steps to communicate more effectively with your hard-to-reach workforce, contact us today. 

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