We’re delighted to announce Content Personalisation is now available for all existing and new clients of TheAppBuilder.  This is a major step forward in the evolution of apps for employees, making their experience even more focused and relevant to each persons role, location and even preferences.

From our vantage point the era of “one-size fits all” employee apps is rapidly passing as organisations look to help their people cut through the noise, and get straight to the point.

Simplicity is a key value in everything we do at TheAppBuilder – we aim to offer powerful features like this with the minimum of fuss.  Do you have a news story or project that’s only relevant to one location or group of users? With a couple of simple steps you can easily create user groups and choose to deliver your content only to those users!

You have complete control over which users can access specific content in any app.  Choose to give people access to complete channels of content, lists within an app or even control access down to a single page.

You can start to personalise your content in just a few easy steps today!  Existing clients can get started straight away – take a look at the how-to guide on our knowledge base  – no app upgrade is required to begin using this feature.

New clients can click here to discuss creating a personalised app experience for their team.



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