If you can’t easily reach people, you can’t connect with them!

The answer is in their pocket already! More than 85% of people own a smart phone and whether they have access to work email, intranets or laptops or not, you can guarantee they will be carrying their own personal phone everywhere they go. A mobile app puts your content and services at the fingertips of people, especially those that were hard to reach beforehand.

"You can’t meet your goals without first having a strategy in place to engage your employees." Many recognized industry leaders agree with this statement from Gallup and acknowledge the need for a culture of engagement. TheAppBuilder gives you the launch pad to re-engage and re-invigorate staff around your current company goals and actually measure the results. Regular engagement with employees “beyond the annual survey” is essential and our suite of tools help you stay engaged, measure and improve your communications.

Can you cut through the noise?

Information overload is an increasing problem both in the workplace and life in general. We can end up wasting time consuming irrelevant information, taking longer to make decisions or worst of all, making the wrong decision entirely.

We believe "less is more" – so by streamlining and personalizing the content and services for each individual, you can ensure that they see what’s important and relevant to them without delay or fuss. This allows people to get on with what’s important and optionally explore ancillary content on their own terms.

Do you care what people are thinking?

You should! Around 75% of people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers! Understanding what your people really think and feel gives you the opportunity to respond quickly, increase engagement and address disenchantment that often leads to turnover. According to Oxford Economics the average cost of replacing a single member of staff is £30,614. It pays to understand what people are thinking and get ahead of it!

Can you harness what people are thinking and talking about? The best ideas are often borne out of the discussions and actions of a few. An app can help foster a culture of collaboration, communication and sharing of ideas that can really help your organisation prosper.

Are you bringing people with you?

Is your organisation transitioning to a suite of modern cloud services & apps? Great, your organisation is definitely on the right path, but are you wondering how the average person in your organisation is going to understand what’s available to them & how to get the best from these new services? Your branded app can serve as a launch pad, bringing everything together and providing signposts to all of the services relevant to each person.

How will you manage change within your suite of apps? Just like our personal lives where we maintain a collection of useful apps - the same is becoming true within our working lives with each organisation collating it’s own suite of apps. This will evolve over time and so it makes sense to have one consistent launch pad where you can manage that change and maintain continuity.

Can you sustain agility & innovation?

Can you keep up with consumer apps? There is no shortage of new apps popping up every day - the boundaries of functionality, user experience and value are constantly being challenged and redefined by consumer focused apps – there's no choice but to keep moving, quickly.

Do you want an exciting platform for innovation? We are constantly working to add new features, designs and use cases to our platform and in turn your app. With a few clicks you can quickly try out the latest ideas such as Recognition, Advocacy and User Generated Content with no risk, deploying them to test groups and measuring their impact.

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