Attracting the right people to join your organization, getting the best out of them and keeping them loyal requires an excellent understanding and application of employee engagement skills and techniques.

Organizations need to understand the fundamentals of employee engagement and that they lead directly to success for all stakeholders. But no matter where they are in your corporate hierarchy, every employee needs to feel engaged, whether the most junior members of staff, those working in remote locations, personnel without a company email address, or those always on the road.

Clear and regular communication underpins every aspect of employee engagement. Keeping everyone informed of corporate news, as well as matters affecting their work, that might help them execute their daily tasks more effectively, is crucial and should be delivered to everyone in a timely manner. Traditional intranets are all well and good, but with many employees on the periphery without access to a computer, traditional methods no longer cut it.

Employee engagement chain reaction

An effective employee engagement solution will lead to a happy workforce and greater productivity, in turn fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. That’s because if your employees are properly engaged by the company, right down to the remotest worker, they will engage with customers in ways that keep your customer base loyal.

By connecting all members of an organisation via a means of interacting and communicating, boss-to-employee, employee-to-boss, employee-to-employee, the best results can be achieved that will far outweigh traditional means of internal communications. Enter the employee engagement mobile app. In this age of social media and smartphones, it makes absolute sense to use the mobile channel to deliver an employee engagement experience. By its very existence it will help attract the best people to your company, help them do their job better, keep them informed and safe, happy and productive.

A case in point

TransPennine Express (TPE), one of our customers in the UK, uses our employee engagement mobile app to extend its communications to include ‘hard to reach’ employees with relevant internal communications, news and regular operational matters. The app has formed the basis of a streamlined, mobile intranet. TPE’s 1,100 personnel handle more than 61,000 passengers every day; its Internal Communications Manager, Catherine Unsworth, said this of the app, “TPE has the objective of increasing an already high employee engagement score by 9 percentage points and ‘The Loop’ app is one of the key initiatives being deployed to help achieve this.” The Loop app delivers a blend of news items and some simple, useful tools to help staff do their jobs on a daily basis. Launched in April 2016, front-line staff were given smartphones preloaded with the app, although many had already downloaded the app on to their own personal phones as well. Use of the app has grown organically and there are now around 500 regular users across the company.

Remember, your customers want to deal with motivated and helpful staff, and for this you need your employees to be fully engaged. A printed staff quarterly magazine, a notice board or emails will not reach every employee, but a mobile app will, delivering a comprehensive range of internal communications to everyone’s smartphone. The results will not only be an engaged, happy and productive workforce, but also lead to a loyal customer base.

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