Fairchild Medical Center (FMC) is located in Yreka, California at the base of the beautiful Mount Shasta and serves the rural community of Siskiyou County. The Center is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, caring for more than 60,000 patients annually, including more than 12,000 Emergency Department patients.

FMC has seen significant sustained growth over the years and the number of employees has increased substantially as result. The executive team recognised that the organisation had been allowed to grow without being fully grounded in a strong, unifying organisational culture and it was clear that internal communications were sub-optimal resulting in pockets of low morale, disengaged staff and high staff turnover.

About 18 months ago, the executive team took the decision to embark on an organisation wide behavioural change programme based on five new core values – teamwork, compassion, respect, innovation and quality. These core values are fundamental to the organisation and will drive everything including employee appraisals, recognition and hiring.

“We want communication to go in a circle; from the top to the bottom and back up again…”

FMC used TheAppBuilder platform to rapidly roll out an internal comms app for all staff and feedback to date has been very positive: “I am very impressed with the TheAppBuilder platform and the team have been wonderful to work with. I appreciate how responsive and helpful they have been throughout the process.”

“The FMC TAPP app is great for keeping in touch with what is going on at Fairchild, especially if you work in the evening! I like being able to check the cafeteria menu before I come to work and the new team member section helps me learn faces and names faster as well as welcome them to our team!”

To read the full story please click here to download a PDF Case Study, alternatively our team would be delighted to discuss a similar app as part of your internal communications strategy – click here to contact us!

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