An Post is the state-owned provider of postal services in Ireland and is one of the country’s largest employers with around 10,000 employees. The organisation provides a universal postal service to all parts of the country. On a daily basis they handle more than 120,000 parcels and serve 250,000 businesses and 2.2 million delivery points.

Some 60% of An Post’s workforce are “out on the road” – that’s 6,000 staff and based on previous employee satisfaction surveys, the company recognised that “lack of communication” was perceived as an issue and that it required some attention.  In addition to that, a severe adverse weather event accelerated the need to find a solution to the problem. The company needed to inform all staff of the nationwide ‘Orange Alert’ weather warning but had to rely on management to pass on this message. A solution needed to be found so that staff could receive instant urgent messages and one that could be implemented quickly and easily.


An Post used TheAppBuilder platform to rapidly roll out an internal comms app for all staff and feedback to date has been very positive: “Great initiative and perfect solution to keep all employees in the “loop” making communication accessible & available to everybody at all times!”

To read the full story please click here to download a PDF Case Study, alternatively our team would be delighted to discuss a similar app as part of your internal communications strategy – click here to contact us!

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