Making apps simple, not simpler

We designed our platform to enable anyone to maintain a great looking, interactive app – you don’t need any specialist design or technical skills.

With our simple CMS you'll be up and running quickly - publishing content, sending push notifications and viewing analytics.

Our clients regularly tell us they love how simple and quick it is to manage their app!

Be on every screen, effortlessly

Beautifully designed iPhone & Android native apps and a responsive web version for desktops and other screens.

Publish changes once, and our platform instantly makes these available to all of your users, across all devices.

As a SaaS platform, we’re constantly adding support for the latest devices and OS updates.

Frictionless user on boarding

We ensure only your intended audience can easily, yet securely access your app.

Unlike other app platforms, there is no requirement for users to have a company email address or Active Directory account. Simply add and remove large groups of users via secure upload.

Users complete a streamlined 30 second setup flow to identify themselves and create their profile.

Optional integration with Active Directory, Office365, OKTA and other Identity providers if required.

Crush information overload

Personalize each person’s view of the app to ensure your audience can focus on what’s important and relevant.

Quickly create groups, add and remove people then tag your content and services with the group(s) that will access them.

Segment your audience by location, job function, project or any criteria you need.

Setup adhoc groups to get time-sensitive updates out quickly – perfect for internal events, short-term projects or crisis management.

Use push notifications to send important alerts

Send unlimited Push Notifications to alert your audience of important updates.

Gain improved, measurable read rates of 80% via Push Notifications versus only 20% for email or low reach, impossible to measure print publications.

Send push notifications to everyone or target specific groups of people within your audience.

Innovation as a Service

Update your app’s structure, content and linked services anytime – even after the app has gone live.

Test new ideas with focus groups, measure analytics and receive feedback before deciding your next step.

As we release new capabilities onto the platform you can pick and choose what features to add to your app.

For custom functionality leverage our various integration methods and API to bring your own in-house features to life.

Increase Advocacy

With a single click, you can tag specific content for your audience to share from your app out to their own social networks.

Shared content is published as responsive stand-alone web page for ease of consumption on any screen, by anyone.

User Generated Content

Enable your audience to post content directly into the app from their mobile phones – great for capturing moments anytime, anywhere.

Configure various levels of user engagement from simple likes, comments to posting full articles.

Optionally moderate content before it goes live via our content management system on your mobile phone.

Restrict the ability to post content to individuals, groups or even disable the option completely if desired.

Recognition – Let’s Give thanks!

Enable people to thank one another for lending a helping hand, completing a job well done, or pulling together as a team.

Each thank you can be accompanied with a message, photo and aligned to your values.

The recipient gets a push notification of thanks and others can like and comment.

Export the data into existing recognition & reward programmes within your organisation.


A secure enterprise-grade platform, tried and tested by some of the world's leading organisations.

Comprehensive User Management capabilities for both on and off domain users.

Data encryption in transit & at rest on all mobile devices.

Optional integration with Active Directory, Office365, OKTA and other Identity providers if required.

ISO27001 Certified, GDPR Ready and regular independent security penetration testing.


Live measurement via Google Analytics.

Understand the most popular content and services, times of day, geographies, device types and much more.

Make informed decisions to evolve your app based on solid data.

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