The iPhone is turning 10 today! – can you believe the phone that changed everything has been around for a decade now?  To celebrate here are 10 fun facts about the iPhone:

  1. Over a billion iPhones have been sold making it one of the most popular products of all time!
  2. In the beginning there was NO app store – you just got the ‘factory’ apps shipped with the phone – how did we survive!  (There are now 2.2m in the App Store BTW)
  3. If you had bought $1,000 of Apple Stock when the iPhone launched it would be worth $8,444 today – not too shabby!
  4. At the time of launch the most popular phone was the Motorola Razr retailing at $250 – by comparison the first iPhone cost from $500 – pretty cheap compared to today’s prices!
  5.  The first iPhone didn’t even have 3G support relying on then cutting edge 2.5G (or GPRS for old school techies!)
  6. During the original R&D phase the iPhone was called Project Purple to keep it top secret!
  7. The first iPhone screen resolution was only 320 x 480 pixels (think postage stamp!) – by comparison an iPhone 7 plus rocks 1920 x 1080 (think HD)!
  8. At the time Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer repeatedly said the iPhone wouldn’t get any significant market share!
  9. Apple didn’t own the iPhone.com domain on launch and paid a cool $1 million dollars to acquire it – too cheap perhaps in hindsight?
  10. The iPhone7 costs approximately $220 to make – nice mark-up if you can get it 🙂

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