Empower new hires to become invaluable team members seamlessly and efficiently with a mobile onboarding app

Build a cohesive team faster by welcoming newcomers and helping them prepare for their new role, by taking new skills 'on board'. Onboarding apps simplify what can often be a daunting or overwhelming process for a new hire.

Engage new starts - before they start. By giving your new team member early access to the Onboarding App the induction app features will provide them with information about your company, their role, and their colleagues prior to their start date.

Improve compliance by ensuring new people have ready access to all essential paperwork, policies, rules & regulations.

Promote your culture with a formal and informal sense of your organization through news items, data sheets, videos and personal recommendations from their new peer group. A mobile onboarding app is much more accessible than the traditional company info PDFs that can get left unread in a folder.

Connect new starts to your organization’s key people & systems. The induction app features can speed this process, enabling new hires to begin conversations and ask for advice.

Provide clarity for new hires with a full description of their role and expectations as well as those of their peers.

Push Notifications from the Onboarding App highlight important messages to new hires with open rates of 80% vs 20% for email.

Updated by you using our intuitive Content Management System (CMS).

Onboarding App Features

Welcome Message

Greet new starts via the Onboarding App and make them feel welcome with personsonalized video and written messages from your organization’s CEO, departmental managers, and colleagues.

Induction Schedule

Provide a comprehensive breakdown of your induction program with information on topics to be covered, trainers and locations, complete with the ability to save calendar reminders and find locations on a map. Changes? No problem. Send updates via Push Notification. The mobile onboarding app will help new hires quickly settle in with minimal disruption to your busy team.

Meet your team

Publish lists of new team members in the same intake so the networking, socializing and bonding can begin. You can also include links to social media sites (i.e. LinkedIn), email, and click to call.

Company Tour

Help new hires orientate themselves by explaining company structure and department responsibilities, as well as providing key messages and essential contacts.

Upcoming Events

Provide a calendar of upcoming internal meetings, social events, product launches, and financial results so new hires are aware and informed.

Get Involved

Encourage new team members to immerse themselves in your company’s culture. Publicize initiatives, events, public outreach and volunteer opportunities. Make sure everyone feels part of your family.

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Be up and running in as little as 5-10 working days.


We'll setup your app initially so it looks great and has its own dedicated secure download link.

Your App - your branding.

We use your app icon, splash screen, login page, color scheme and corporate image library to reinforce your organization's branding.

Publish Often.

Publish unlimited news stories & updates in-house with our easy Content Management System (CMS).

Push Notifications.

Send unlimited Push Notifications to alert your audience of key updates.

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Google Analytics shows the most popular content, times of day and device types.

One-on-one online training.

With our simple CMS you'll be adding content, sending push notifications, producing optimized mobile content and more in less than an hour.

All Platforms

Native apps for iPhone, Android and Windows. Cross Platform Responsive HTML5 for desktop and more.

Outstanding support.

Our dedicated UK support desk operates during normal business hours but we also offer enhanced SLA's.

Data Hosting.

Choose to have your data securely hosted by Rackspace in either the EU (UK) or USA.


TheAppBuilder is one of the world's leading providers of Employee Apps to some of the best known organizations in the world.


Employees can access the app with an individual username/password or their company email. Users can be added and removed easily to ensure only authorized people see your content.


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