Manage your day to day operations quickly and efficiently with instant updates on production and delivery schedules, rotas, and more with an operations app.

Everyone’s up to date with the latest information- daily briefs, rota’s, health & safety alerts, etc. - right at their fingertips. With the operations app features employees can easily access their scheduled hours, helping with punctuality and planning.

React to changes quickly by sending direct updates to your operations team in seconds. An operations app can transform the responsiveness of your team.

Everyone is notified regardless of their physical location, role, or activity, even if they don’t have access to company email or devices.

Collaboration increases across your organisation as the operations app links employees together, improving productivity and efficiencies by learning best practice from one another.

Innovation and feedback are encouraged through interactive forms.

Push Notifications from the operations app highlight important messages with an open rate of 80% vs 20% for email.

Updated by you using our intuitive Content Management System (CMS).

Operation App Features


Keep your team informed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis of the key updates and information they need to boost efficiency and service delivery.


Improve team morale, create smoother shift swaps and increase operation efficiencies by letting team members know when and where they’re needed and those they’ll be working with. The Operation App features are secure and easy to navigate.

Health & Safety

Keep your team safe with timely and relevant health & safety alerts, updates, and educational tools such as videos and photos, sent directly through the Operations App.

Best Practice

Enable and encourage people throughout your organization, no matter where they are located, to share best practice, learn from one another and improve performance.


Create a discussion within the Operations App and invite your team members to share ideas on ways to streamline processes and keep everyone up to date on their progress. Recognizing innovative people can help improve your organization.

Issue Reporting

Issue reporting can be made anonymous to encourage discussion on difficult issues and to report items that may require investigation and action.

Useful Contacts

Make sure individuals on your operational team contact the right person quickly to solve issues before they escalate.

Why TheAppBuilder


Be up and running in as little as 5-10 working days.


We'll setup your app initially so it looks great and has its own dedicated secure download link.

Your App - your branding.

We use your app icon, splash screen, login page, color scheme and corporate image library to reinforce your organization's branding.

Publish Often.

Publish unlimited news stories & updates in-house with our easy Content Management System (CMS).

Push Notifications.

Send unlimited Push Notifications to alert your audience of key updates.

Live Insights.

Google Analytics shows the most popular content, times of day and device types.

One-on-one online training.

With our simple CMS you'll be adding content, sending push notifications, producing optimized mobile content and more in less than an hour.

All Platforms

Native apps for iPhone, Android and Windows. Cross Platform Responsive HTML5 for desktop and more.

Outstanding support.

Our dedicated UK support desk operates during normal business hours but we also offer enhanced SLA's.

Data Hosting.

Choose to have your data securely hosted by Rackspace in either the EU (UK) or USA.


TheAppBuilder is one of the world's leading providers of Employee Apps to some of the best known organizations in the world.


Employees can access the app with an individual username/password or their company email. Users can be added and removed easily to ensure only authorized people see your content.


  • Brand Pack
  • Graphics Pack
  • Ongoing end-user authentication updates (monthly via CSV)
  • Ongoing off-site content management
  • Onsite training
  • Consultancy & Advice
  • Enhanced SLA
  • Dedicated online & telephone support

*Additional cost applies

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