A dedicated member of TheAppBuilder team will work with you in a collaborative process to define & deliver your first app project.

1. Project Kickoff & Brainstorming
We’ll come together and do some brainstorming – preferably in person, but over a web meeting is fine too. We’ll go through a process to first generate app ideas and then analyze and prioritize which of them will have the best benefit to feasibility ratio. We’ll then focus in on that idea and produce an initial App Specification in form of a wireframe app structure. This process typically takes place in two half day sessions.

2. Collaborative Build / Hands on Training
From the app specification generated in step 1, TheAppBuilder consultant will build out the app structure and populate content placeholders. When the skeleton app is complete they will give you a complete demo/walkthrough of the app on a range of mobile devices and explain how the building blocks on our non-technical app toolkit work. At this point you get the opportunity to start using the toolkit to fill out the skeleton under the guidance of TheAppBuilder consultant. This is nothing to be afraid of, remember you don’t need any specialist skills and TheAppBuilder consultant will ensure the first version of your app is completed.

3. Pilot Rollout
Now it’s time to see what some of your audience think of your app so far. The pilot audience should include a range of profiles ideally sample the diversity of your audience. We will include feedback mechanisms within the app itself let users rate the app and submit their suggestions back to us. We will also enable analytics to track and study app usage. We will work with you to bring all of this feedback together, identify any changes and help you implement them in the app ready for launch to your wider audience. This phase of the project is important as it gives you real world practice in studying user behaviour, gathering feedback, making changes and improving your app – something you will probably want to do regularly to maintain your app.

4. App Launch
Now for the really exciting part – it’s time to make your app available to your general audience. TheAppBuilder consultant will work with you to formulate an App Launch strategy covering everything from the technical aspects of app download, to the marketing tactics that will work best for your scenario. More and more customers are opting for “soft launches” whereby the app is seeded with key advocates, and word of mouth is employed. This adds to the sense of your audience “discovering” something great, and lessens the effect of an app being forced onto the audience. It also means you can analyze feedback and app usage and tweak your app as the audience grows more gradually.

5. Ongoing Measurement, Updates & Improvements
To keep your app fresh and inline with audience needs, we highly recommend you review app content, usage statistics and end user feedback on a regular basis – ideally once a week. TheAppBuilder consultant will walk you through your first review session to ensure you are confident with the process and thereafter periodically check-in with you each quarter on your progress.

6. …and Repeat
By the end of this process our aim is for you to be equipped not only with one successful app and the means to keep it updated, but also to repeat this entire process yourself for new app ideas. We’ll always be there to help and work together with you on more app projects, but nothing delights us more than seeing our clients become autonomous, independent app inventors! We are delighted to offer our clients 90 days free use of TheAppBuilder platform to test out additional app ideas for free!