We all love using apps on our smartphones and tablets in our personal lives. Employee apps bring the same delightful experience into your organisation, helping to drive engagement far beyond that of traditional intranets and make your organisation run faster and smoother than ever before.

Employee apps are a great way to reach people and teams instantly. Distributed teams, remote workers, and your people on-the-go are only a click or a swipe away. Keep your team informed with the latest news and be sure your message gets across quickly and clearly to people in every part of your organisation.

From policy documents and training videos to event photo galleries and lunch polls, employee apps let you empower your team by putting the resources they need right into their hands. Tailored content means that whatever you need for whatever you do, you can be sure that your app is the right fit for you. Rich and interactive media brings your app to life and helps provide real value to the people in your organisation.

Brand identity is a core part of employee engagment, and our specialist whitelabeling expertise helps make your app your own. Working within your brand guidelines, we deliver an app for you, branded your way.

Our flexible access controls allow you to provide a suite of apps for all levels and departments in your organisation, helping the right message get to the right people. Our apps are distributed securely, and encryption ensures your content is safe and secure.

To find out more, drop us a line and start your app journey today.