Why most of your employees don’t read or even see your email newsletter.

When it comes to communication and sharing important information with ALL of your employees, email may not be the perfect choice, especially if your teams are front line workers, desk-less or ‘hard to reach’ in other ways. 

If you are one of the many organisations who employ desk-less teams (making up the 2.7 billion desk-less workers worldwide) a monthly email newsletter is not the most efficient way to connect and engage with these employees. 

You may find yourself faced with the dreaded question many Internal Communications or Human Resource professionals do not want to hear…what email? 


Here are two trends we see when organisations rely on email as their main channel for company communications.

  1. Reliance on notice boards.

When speaking with Human Resource or Internal Communications professionals we hear a running theme. Over 50% of their employees are not desk based and do not have access to emails, however the reliance on email as a way to communicate with these teams is still high. Important emails are printed from a line manager’s email account and pinned to a notice board for their employees to read. Time and time again these emails don’t get read and become an ineffective way to communicate important information. 

  1. Email isn’t second nature for many.

If you ask an office based employee to send you an email, it’s second nature, they will do this within minutes or at least hours, but ask a front line, desk-less worker, who doesn’t or hasn’t used email ever to do the same thing, this task may be daunting to them. It’s not their usual way of communicating so asking them to read and be engaged in an email is asking them to spend time on something they might not feel comfortable doing. 

What can you do to connect with EVERY employee?

With 2.7 billion ‘desk-less’ workers worldwide, it’s important to ensure this workforce are kept up to date with company information, policies and procedures.  

Fortunately, email isn’t the only way to communicate with your employees.

The answer may be in your employees pockets already! You need a way to communicate with desk-less teams that they are already comfortable with. 

An employee engagement mobile app which puts your content at the fingertips of ALL of your employees, including front line workers, desk-less workforce and hard to reach teams. 

Next steps…

Read our success stories to find out how 70 plus organisations are connecting with EVERY employee using an Employee Communications App.

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