We are delighted to announce the general availability of our new unique “peer-to-peer recognition” feature enabling colleagues to instantly thank one another for lending a helping hand, completing a job well done, or pulling together as a team.

So what’s the big deal?  This Forbes article sums it up very well: “Why The Power Of Peers Is So Important For Building Trust In The Workplace”

Without eyes in the back of their head — not to mention a few more hours in the day — how are busy, spread-thin managers expected to see and recognize the achievements of all their people?

There is a solution to this common recognition problem: Use your team.

For the last two decades, my co-author Adrian Gostick and I have researched, written and trained more companies than we can count on the power of appreciation. We found that, when people feel appreciated and valued, productivity goes up as well as engagement and morale. And when the whole team understands the concept, everything accelerates. Peer-to-peer recognition, when done right, can make a dramatic difference in the engagement of people in your care. First and foremost, it encourages teamwork. An employee we spoke with recently told us, “Peer recognition has brought everybody closer together. Everybody seems to have a better attitude, and we are starting to trust each other more.”

Watch this 2 minute video to understand AirFrance-KLM have incorporated this feature into their app to enable their people to say #CheersToYourPeers… (jump to 1min 10 secs in if you are in a rush!)

TheAppBuilder’s unique feature enables each “thank you” to be accompanied with a message, photo and be aligned to your organisations values.  The thanks is published instantly within the app, the recipient gets a push notification of thanks and others can like and comment. You can even export the data into existing recognition & reward programmes within your organisation.

Existing clients should contact their Client Success Manager to discuss adding this feature to their app and new clients can contact a member of our sales team here.


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