Unique Approach
TheAppBuilder is a cloud platform, backed up by our team of creative technical specialists. Our unique approach provides the tools, knowledge transfer and support to not only deliver a high quality app, in a rapid timescale at low cost but also empowers non-technical people to maintain that app and go onto create their own suite of mobile apps autonomously, building out an app strategy one step at a time.

We’ll help get you up and running in no time at all. We work together on your first app in a collaborative process with most of our projects going live in 4-6 weeks. You don’t need to hire expensive agencies, designers or developers and you don’t need any specialist skills yourself- we’ll just get going together and train you how to use our non-technical app toolkit as we go!

Low Cost, High Quality Apps
Compared to alternative approaches of developing apps, TheAppBuilder is extremely good value. We’ll work with you to define the scope of your app and on that basis provide you with a fixed cost project inclusive of consultancy, app creation for Apple and Android, training, launch plan, data hosting and ongoing technical updates and support. Following that project using our cloud based platform you can afford to try out new app ideas with no risk – free for 90 days!

TheAppBuilder is non-technical and open to everyone. With less than 30 minutes of training you will be able to maintain an app by updating its content and structure through the non-technical content management system (CMS). Mobilize information that was previously buried in silos, your Intranet or SharePoint by simply dragging and dropping the media you already have (Images, PDF, Text, Video) into your app through the easy to use CMS. As confidence grows you can move on to create new apps without our assistance, but we’ll always be on hand to support you when required.

Beautiful Apps, minus the headaches
Behind the scenes we are constantly updating TheAppBuilder platform to keep up to date with the ever evolving, fast moving app design trends and complex development updates, meaning you can keep on having beautiful, working apps as if by magic without the headaches. When Apple and Android introduce changes we update TheAppBuilder platform and your app can be updated at no extra cost.

We’ve Gone Native!
We create high quality native iOS and Android apps to ensure app users get the best possible user experience. Compared to web apps, native apps provide superior design options, feature possibilities and outright speed. Native apps mean we can access device hardware such as the camera and GPS when required and also deploy strong end-to-end data encryption and user authentication for robust security.

Since 2011 TheAppBuilder have provided mobile apps to large and small organisations around the world. Before that our team were involved in a wide range of global mobile technologies businesses providing products and solutions based on SMS/MMS, Mobile Internet and Web Apps over the last 20 years. We use our accumulated real world knowledge to advise you on the best approach for apps that will work for your organisation.

Enterprise Grade
App creation with TheAppBuilder is not an IT Project – there’s built in authentication, authorization and encryption out of the box to satisfy your information security requirements. Employee apps are downloaded from private, secure servers, utilize encryption and access control. Employee apps are not downloaded from public app stores.

Be Agile. Don’t fear failure
When expensive app projects fail, disappointment sets back other app ideas stifling overall progress. This is exactly why we created TheAppBuilder platform and process to be different – we work with you to deliver your first app idea rapidly at low cost to test the concept. Simultaneously we equip you with the tools, knowledge and support to test out more app ideas yourself – bringing innovation in house and keeping costs permanently low.
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